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Tattooist Chris Lambert is currently tattooing in Ninetails in London but has designed a number of past and present products for UK Custom Plugs. Over the past month we took to social media to gather the best questions asked by YOU and compiled a list of favourites along with Chris's responses. You covered every basis from what triggers his ideas to his favourite waffle topping, there's even some great advice for budding tattooists thrown in too...So, how does Chris like his waffles? Find out below! 

Q: What brought you into tattooing? - @hipsta_cyrus

A: I went to University and gained a degree in fine art, I then went to Japan and discovered horimono, and fell in love with all Japanese and Old school tattooing... And that led me to where I am today!

Q: How do you come up with such great ideas? What triggers the ideas?­ - @pull_the_trigg3r_19xx

A: With tattooing, it is a craft that takes inspiration from those who have come before ie. Western traditional, the folktales of Japan in horimono and religious iconography, to name a few.  It's about taking classic iconic imagery that everyone can understand and appreciate and meld it with the customer’s intentions of what they wish to incorporate, to create something personal for the customer that suits them as an individual.

Q: The main problem in my area is finding apprenticeship. What can we do as young artists to help become known artists in our respected area? - @permperderp

A: A good apprenticeship is hard to come by at a reputable shop anywhere.  I would recommend putting effort into your portfolio as the majority of people who ask for an apprenticeship fail to do this.  This is what people want to see when considering taking someone on, proof of your dedication that you seriously want to do this and quality work that is related to the craft you wish to apprentice in.  Also, I would recommend getting tattooed by lots of different artists that you like and admire and build up a rap-ore with them.  As the case is with a lot of things, 'It's not what you know, it's who you know'.

Q: What’s your favourite thing to tattoo? (For example, Nature) - @emmalouiise1997

A: I tattoo varied styles from black and grey to western traditional, but my personal favourites are classic designs from western traditional, such as roses, panthers, daggers, etc and japanese imagery e.g. koi, hannya etc.

Q: Favourite topping on a waffle? - @bbjwillis

A: Waffles are an unlikely eventuality as I am gluten free. Just the chance of a waffle would be a fine thing!  But if I were to choose a topping it would have to be ice cream.

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Q: Where’s the best place on your body to get your first tattoo? - @caitie_babe24

A: If you are asking regarding least painful spot... I would probably say upper arm area.  

Q: What has been your favourite plug design? - @_kxngmxker_

A: I was quite pleased with how the friendship handshake and heart design turned out in the most recent designs I did for UK Custom Plugs.

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Q: Did you ever have those friends that think it’s wrong to get tattoos and piercings? And what did you do when the subject came up and they said you shouldn’t do it? - @http.crazy.obsessed

A: Everyone's entitled to their opinion... However, if people were judging me regarding my own choices, (and I wasn't harming my own well-being or anyone else’s), to put it bluntly… they wouldn't be my friend and nor would I care what they thought. If this is happening to you, I would suggest you do the same.  Don't be controlled by other people's opinions, think for yourself. 

Q: At what age did you start to tattoo? - @izan_rc_

A: 27

Q: Does tattoo ink have cobalt in? Can people who are allergic to cobalt get tattooed? - @nemfie

A: Nowadays, tattoo inks don't generally contain heavy metals.  However the ingredients vary from brand to brand.  I would recommend always checking with your artist, that the ink does not contain ingredients that you are allergic to.

Q: Your opinion on white ink? On olive skin? - @lg_ivy

A: I don't recommend getting white tattoos at all.  It's a waste of your money. The white ink may look bright and noticeable initially, however this will dull down and become beige/ unnoticable once healed.  This is due to the fact that the ink is injected into the dermal layers of the skin, and as the tattoo heals, the upper layers of translucent skin cover the pigment, dulling the brightness of colours.  The darker your skin, the more you will experience this.  Also, lighter colours are more likely to fade as time goes by with the effects of sun damage etc.  I'm not ruling out white as a tattoo pigment completely though... It just needs to be used appropriately, for example, as a means of highlighting contrasting darker pigments with a black outline.

Q: Do you tattoo over scars? - @deepcuts_and_buttercups

A: I do however it depends on the scar and the individual.  I have to judge each clients situation in person to see whether it is possible or not.  As a rule though, the older the scar the easier it will be to tattoo over it.

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Q: Why is it that my tattoo sometimes gets inflamed around the outline and itches? (I have horrible multiple chemical allergies) Is it due to type or ink or just my weirdo skin? (I didn't get shaded/coloured in because I kept fainting. I am a puss) I have a left shoulder Taz - @dorajcrow

A: I would recommend you seek the advice of your Doctor.

Q: If I get a sleeve and then start working out heavy, will the muscle growth distort the tattoo? - @fernandoreadsbooks

A: Maybe slightly, if you grew to massive proportions... but not a great deal.  The only style I could see this being a problem with is realistic black and grey portraits, as even slight distortions to a portrait can leave it looking a bit funny and not as intended.

Q: If you could tattoo anything you wanted on any celebrity, who and what would it be? Something funny, meaningful, beautiful or anything! - @vjaiiee999

A: I've tattooed a few celebrities in the past... At the end of the day, everyone is the same in my book, I don't really do today's celebrity culture, I admire people for who they are and what they've achieved.

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Q: Who would win in a fight: A bear with the brain of a human or a shark with the brain of a bear? - @xrumsfieldx

A: It depends on where this fight is taking place, what are the circumstances? I often spend my days pondering such questions, I suppose there would be only one way to find out…