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Here at UK Custom Plugs we're always striving to create unique products for our customers to enjoy and we pride ourselves on the high quality of the artwork and detail in all our products.
In the past we've worked closely with a select group of tattoo artists to create some of our most iconic plugs.

Here is the second artist to feature in our brand new UKCP Artist Series.
Opening the doors to work with lots of tattooists we've never worked with before, n
ot only to shed light on these talented individuals but to continue to provide the best quality artwork possible.


We spoke with Pablo Sinalma who has designed a series of plugs for our latest release.
Check out Pablo's full range of plugs and the rest of our artists series by > CLICKING HERE <

Can you introduce yourself for us?
My name is Pablo Sinalma. I work at Gold Street Tattoo in Barcelona and guest around whenever is possible.

Where can people find you/your work online?
They can find at my Instagram account @sinalma.tattooer or at my facebook page Pablo Sinalma
How long have you been tattooing for?
I've been working at Gold St. since a couple of years ago, and spend some months working by myself earlier. Between 2-3 years.
What first got you interested in the business?
I studied Fine Arts in BCN and got interested as soon as i got my first tattoo.

What's your favourite subject matter to tattoo?
I really like creating images based on medieval and mystic references. Love giving a twist to religious imagery and subjects related to life/death issues.
What profession other than tattooing would you like to attempt?
Anything related with working with my hands in a creative way. I' ve tried with engraving and sculpture and love to work more on that.

What profession would you not like to do?
Anything having me sitting behind a desk.
What other artists are you digging at the moment?
I am really influenced by the people around me at the shop. There are too many people doing interesting stuff around in the tattoo world nowadays to make a list!

We met Pablo through our good friend Silvia and would love to collaborate again in the future.
Head over to the store and grab yourself some of Pablo's plugs and show him some love on Instagram.

Check out Pablo's full range of plugs and the rest of our artists series by > CLICKING HERE <