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Thanks to everyone who took part in the ASK UKCP blog. We received loads of questions and have answered the best below.It was great to hear what you guys wanted to know and to give you an insight into our business.

If you have a burning question that hasn’t been answered just send us an email to as we’d love to answer more! Check to so see if the answers to your questions are below!

Who makes these cute forms like mandalas with the plugs for your instagram photos? - @zuzie
Dunny is the Mandala plug king! He also has two cats, Luna and Star

What do you think when people get your designs tattooed on them? - @geth_lloyd
We love it! If anyone else has one of our designs tattooed on them, please send across a photo as we'd love to shout you out!

I've never ordered any plugs off of you, Because I'm only at 10mm I don't know whether I should size up because 10mm look small and don't look good, but I'm having second thoughts and I kinda want to take them out I don't know what to do - @austin.r__
They say 10mm is the point of no return when it comes to your stretched ears closing fully. If you’re unsure about stretching up to a larger size then don’t rush to make a decision. Take your time and your ears will still be there when you've made your mind up! We make sure that the plugs we release look good on smaller sizes before launching them. If a product isn't available in a smaller size that's because the design wouldn't have translated well so we’ve taken the thinking out of it for you!

ukcustomplugs planning on doing more with the tarot card series?? Hope so. - @theebabadook
We’ve just released the Baphomet tarot card as you guys loved the Death Tarot so much. Keep your eyes peeled as we may be releasing some new tarot card designs in the future!

Why do I only can pay with paypal? - @lysergsaeurediethylamidx
We have various payment options on our website. It’s not just Paypal so if you want to use an alternative mention we accept Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Debit and American express. Simply reach the checkout and enter your card details.

ukcustomplugs would you guys ever consider sponsoring a strongman athlete? - @hadge_brothers
We don’t stock size XXXL so I don’t think your 25inch biceps would fit in our clothing!

Love me? - @blvckpvth
How much do you love me #seriousshit - @meliamelon
Do you love me? Or are you......

How do you do the engraving of your plugs? both the wood and the steel/stone - @daikipawaah
We use a laser machine and a trained laser technician!

How old do your sponsors have to be, and why? - @lessley_13thfloor
Can I model for you? - @biggers1245
You don’t have to be a certain age to be sponsored. Simply send us an email with why we should sponsor you. If your answer's good enough, you’re in!

Is it possible to get a random grab bag that's 32mm? - @jacob_blanco
We've had them available in the past. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be sure to do another promotion with these in the future.

Why don't you make phone cases (like Nokia, Samsung) other than iPhone? - @messedintheface
Why are all your phone cases only for Apple/Samsung phones? Any chance for a HTC case? - @baldwin_v.2.0
We do! Head over to the cases section: -
We now also stock Nokia, Sony and HTC models.

U guys ship to the us ? - @superpanda40
We ship worldwide! Wherever you are on Earth we can send our products to you.

Really hope you realising samsung s6 cases soon. Nowhere in the UK sells wooden ones and really need one. - @broadyb
Your wish will be granted! Check back soon and they will be available!

How long do you have to have your ears pierced until you can change to plugs? Cause I want plugs and I haven't had my ears pierced yet. But I did used to have them pierced before if that makes a difference - @alexsb7
It’s important to wait till your ears are fully healed before you begin stretching. This could take around 6 months but everyone’s body is different. Stretching too fast or skipping sizes can damage your lobes which will result in permanent damage.
Patience is the key – it’s important to wait at least a month in between stretches to help prevent damage and allow your ears to stretch instead of tear. Give your ears time to heal between each stretch – although it might be tempting to stretch faster in order to get to your goal size quicker, your ears will be healthier in the long run if you take your time.

What's your most popular plug size? - @leah_lawless
It’s 22mm however we get a lot of orders for all sizes. 10mm plugs are also popular as that’s the ‘point of no return’

How did @ukcustomplugs all start? What kicked it off? - @plug_god
How did you guys start up? (Bonus points for a creative answer) is - @itsdatsazakid
What inspired you to start ukcustomplugs? - @brodie_eats_katz
The story of UK Custom Plugs starts not through the need to make money or be successful, but through a simple idea and a great friendship.
Chris and Matt met each other whilst both working a regular 9-5 restaurant job. Through shared interests and working together they became great friends, and started hanging out, outside of work.
People speak of a Eureka moment when they explain the origins of their business idea.
UK Custom Plugs has a similar story but it is far from glamorous. One evening whilst playing Xbox and having a few drinks, Matt mentioned that he had lost one of his plugs on a night out and needed to buy a new pair.
We joked about the fact nowhere sold anything that was half decent. Flaming 8 balls and skulls with top hats were about as exciting as the designs got and plain plugs seemed a bit "boring".
We thought to ourselves, why doesn't someone get a great tattoo artist or illustrator to make some amazing plug designs, as they would be received better, than what’s currently on offer in local shops & piercers.
And that was it, the idea, the spark that lit the fire under our feet. An idea that was conceived through a need for a product that we felt didn't exist.
You can read more of our story over at

Any tips on starting a business? - @drewphippsnigga
Do something you enjoy so it won’t feel like work. Put lots of hours in and always aim to add one improvement a day.
With a lot of hard work and a little luck before you know it you’ll have a successful business.

Why don't you make the graphic plugs over two inches - @goldthuggin
It’s rare that we get requests for graphic plugs over two inches so we don’t produce them. Most people with larger plugs prefer to wear wood or stone products.
We can however make you something custom on Wood using our generator

Can you guys carry more septum clickers pleeeeaseee? :( - @soprano_in_smoke
It’s in our future plan to expand our body jewellery range so keep checking back because new septum clickers might be on the horizon!

Who thinks of all the designs? - @alexcivil_acc
All of our team and customers think of the designs. We have regular brain storming sessions where everyone can suggest an idea as well as the team feeding back suggestions we've had from customers.
We take the best ideas and mix them with a bit of what we like and voilà ! A design is born.
We love hearing your suggestions and often make them into products so if you want something to become a reality head over to the "Interact with Us" page of our website and make a suggestion.

Which people are behind the brand name, or do you prefer to stay anonymous? - @lithunium
Also who are the faces behind all these awesome plugs?!? I've always wondered who you are!!! - @blackcraftkitten
We’re a small team of passionate individuals. We create incredible products which are passed from our hands to yours. Caring about what we do makes us better at what we do. You might have seen a few of us in this blog. We've never shown ourselves because we prefer for our products to take centre stage. However we'll be sure to share a team photo with you in the future.

Will you ever make more fake plug designs? I'm unable to stretch due to work rules but get jealous of all the amazing designs on the real plugs.
Like SUPER jealous. Also favorite pizza topping? - @c_murph3695

We’re on it. Just for you we've got 6 new designs on the way. We all can’t decide on a favourite pizza topping but we had Meat Feast and Texan BBQ pizzas for Sarah’s birthday today!

Did you expect to be so successful as you are now when you first started up the company? - @conzo_grin
It was all a dream! We had no idea we’d be as successful as we are today. It’s more than we can ask for that this business has grown so big and we’re grateful for all the people who’ve made this happen.

Will you hire some designer or buy some design from artist or designer for your products ? - @cote.a
We’re always on the lookout for new artists to collaborate with. If there’s any artist out there please send over your portfolio as we’d love to see your work.

Are you planning to do more band plugs? - @esztitoremember
Are you going to ever make band t shirts or plugs ? - @skye.lawrence.33
We don’t produce copy written plugs. Anyone can produce copy written products. Foundations shouldn't be set on someone else's success.
We pride ourselves on making new and exciting designs while working with commissioned artists.

When you are bringing back your old designs?? These hipster designs are shit! Xx - @cote.a
We had Flashback February. Rather than you waiting another year for Flashback February to come around,
Please send us an email to let us know what you want to see and we will make it for you.

I want to order custom. when will the window be open. TIA! - @creepin_deth
You can order custom products using our generator.
We’re always open for you!

Once an idea for a plug is crafted, how long does it generally take from the first idea until it's ready for shipping?
Huge fan of you guys too, keep up the great work! - @jubakitten

Depending on how big the idea is it can take between 3-6 months to complete. A general run down of the procedure is as follows:
We start with an idea and produce sketches for everyone to see.
We then whittle those sketches down to our favourites. Taking into consideration everyones feedback.
We then ink the final sketches and produce our base level of stock in the product.
We photograph the product on a white background and in other ways (e.g Mandala shapes, piles etc)
We upload the product(s) to our site and launch!

If people wanted to team up with you guys for like expanding lines or helping with design work how would they be able to - @stuckinsilenthill
Send us an email to as we’re always on the look out to expand and collaborate

Whö designs / draws the designs for your stuff. - @sxntxs
What artist/artists design the merchandise?? - @jordan_appleyard_art
We work with a range of artists for different products. Some of our most recent artists can be seen in the Tattooist section of our website.
Look out for our collaboration blogs where we go into more detail about the artists we work with.

What kind of laser do you use, and which printing press for the clothing? - @davide_alexander
You don’t get to the top by telling everyone your secrets! You also didn’t ask about our plug making machine!

Hi, I really like your stone plugs. Do you plan on expanding the variety of types?
I'd love a pair of obsidian or hematite tear drops... - @@too_kawaii_for_this_shizzle

We love the stones we currently work with and provide. Because our customers love them so much, we will be producing more in the future.

Which people are behind the brand name, or do you prefer to stay anonymous? - @lithunium
Also who are the faces behind all these awesome plugs?!? I've always wondered who you are!!! - @blackcraftkitten
We’re a small team of passionate individuals. We create incredible products which are passed from our hands to yours. Caring about what we do makes us better at what we do. You might have seen a few of us in this blog. We've never shown ourselves because we prefer for our products to take centre stage. However we'll be sure to share a team photo with you in the future.

Make custom s5 case? BURN ME A TURTLE HERMIT SYMBOL! I ♡ DBZ... - @jd83jd9d93jdjd9eo3j
If you have permission from the copyright holder you can make any design you wish using our Generator.

Why do you do the same April fools joke every year? - @xemopizzarollx
People love our April Fools joke and it’s no surprise because the savings are huge. We will continue to have a sale and recycle the same old joke in years to come!
Why not take advantage of the savings because I think we’re closing down on the 1st of April 2016...

Do you guys know the based god? - @this_monstrosity
Lil B is the based god.

Would you guys have one huge orgy?? - @sobbypoppunkkid
We prefer to partake in other team building activities. Don't cross us at Laser Quest!

How are you guys so awesome - @dragongenisis
By working with awesome artists, making awesome products and selling them to awesome people we’ve somehow become awesome!

How big are your lobes? - @himochi_kiri
You don’t have to have stretched ears to work here but it helps haha. We have a range of sizes from 10-32mm! in the office

You should start a Los Angeles Custom plugs and hire me - @inhuman_being
Good Idea…… USA, here we come!

Do you have any job opportunities ? - @griffscottt
You would be required to make lot of tea! Think you're up to the task?

Can I have a shoutout because I have Pokemon tattoos? - @its_just_skater_luke
It totally depends which Pokemon you have tattooed? Big up the Magikarp!

If you were a bacon sandwich, would you be buttered on one side or both? - @standasideart
As long as it doesn’t have brown sauce on, then we’re happy with one or two sides buttered!

I have a question. When are you gonna be looking for male plug models? - @tylerfrankenstein
Send us an email to

Will you ever do custom wooden plugs in 10mm - @bowdy189
Due to canvas size we don’t have this option available on our site. However send us an email with the image you require and we will see what we can do!

Can you stop Fucking up my bank account ? - @benjohughes
We will do our best! But we can't be held accountable for totally irresistible plugs.

Yo @ukcustomplugs. Is there any way of getting cheap stone and wood material etc for making plugs? - @_slambulance_
You don’t get to the top by telling everyone your secrets!

Why're you so rad? - @jeastwood
Because we have customers like you! Thanks for being around since the start J!

How can you convince your parents to let you stretch your ears? - @gobeil4130
We’re all for being your own person and doing what makes you happy. However if you’re under someone else’s roof you need to respect their wishes.
This said, being super awesome and bringing them home treats won’t go a miss!

What is the smallest size? - @blanchette483
3mm is the smallest we start at!

Can you please make more teardrops & more shapes other than circles :3 - @lucifers.lady
We’re working on it. Check back later in the year!

Can you please just send me all of the plugs? @ukcustomplugs #srslytho - @ambercanflyy1
Can you send us all the monies? We gotta eat somehow.

Why don't you allow artists to design plugs and for other people to buy them, I've see. Amazing custom plugs and then only one person can get them - @ismematt
If you have a design or an artist that you want to recommend to us then send us an email to you can also make any design you require using our generator.

How come you don't do regular giveaways? - Zoë Renando
We do run competitions. Keep your eyes peeled as we will have some more in the future.

How come you haven't made any new screw backs? - Ethan J Watson-Chatterley
Send us an email with what you’d like making on a screw back and we can make it for you!

Can you do more silicone plugs in smaller sizes? I'm a 10mm and my ears only really like silicone, however "normal" ones are boring ): - Leah Skydiver
We’re working on bringing out some new silicone designs. Keep checking back!

@ukcustomplugs 9+10? - @diiee.go
Complex math made easy with help from plugs!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to ask a question, read the blog, leave a comment, buy something from us, follow us online and all the amazing staff we have the pleasure of working with everyday.
It is the glue that holds us together as a business and helps us meet and interact with all you wonderful people. For that we are eternally gratefully!
Love, UK Custom Plugs