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Wooden jewellery box

Here at Custom Plugs, we offer a wide variety of ear plugs, accessories, and body jewellery, so naturally, we wanted to create unique wooden jewellery boxes so you can store them all in.

There’s nothing worse than losing your favourite plugs and tunnels, but we noticed there are not a lot of storage options to go with the alternative body modification jewellery that our customers love. Let’s face it, when was the last time you found a decent goth jewellery box? 

That’s why a small wooden jewellery box that is discrete for men and women seemed like the perfect choice for us to create. 

Something unique for your jewellery

The designs for our unique wooden jewellery boxes pair well with the styles we have on the site for our plugs, iPhone cases, and tunnels so you can maintain the same style throughout. Plus, because we use laser-engraved patterns on the box, you’ll know it lasts. 

There are plenty of designs to choose from, including our Phases of the Moon Black wooden jewellery box, as well as our Ouija Board jewellery box design if you’re looking for a goth jewellery box. 

How we came up with the idea of unique wooden jewellery boxes

The original idea actually came from our fans because we received feedback that customers had nothing to store their plugs in. Everything on offer didn’t fit the aesthetic they were going for and the more affordable options were plastic or painted cheap metals. 

In the end we developed unique wooden jewellery boxes that combined style and quality at an affordable price point we’re proud of. 

We also wanted to make sure that our jewellery boxes weren’t too small or shallow for some of the larger ear gauge sizes that we sell. That’s why we chose a small wooden jewelry box that is portable, fits on the nightstand, and measures in at 12.7 cm in width, 6.2 cm height, and 10 cm depth. It’s big enough to store your plugs and body jewellery while still not being too large for it to be cumbersome. 

A true goth jewellery box 

One of our favourite features is the goth jewellery box style brass-effect clasp and hinges which feels otherworldly and looks really cool in contrast to the black or dark wood. It particularly stands out on our occult themed designs! 

The designs and patterns that are available are also important and because of our experience creating occult-style body modification jewellery, as well as floral, and traditional pieces we are able to see which designs work well for the jewellery boxes. Ultimately, they are just another way to express your unique style and personality. 

This is also the reason our unique wooden jewellery boxes are the perfect give idea for someone special! If you have any questions about wooden jewellery boxes or the designs, drop us a message and we’ll get back to you in a day or two.