Brass Ear Weights and Brass Ear Hangers

Brass Ear Weights Collection 

Here at Custom Plugs we offer a variety of brass ear weights and brass ear hangers for your stretched ears. Brass is an amazing choice for body jewelry as it's durable, long lasting and tough. Our brass ear weights come in a selection of sizes with each featuring unique details, whether it’s abalone shell, white brass ear weights or obsidian glass.

Please note, brass will oxidize over time however polishing regularly and avoiding extreme moisture conditions will keep your brass ear weights or brass ear hangers shiny and clean for longer. Our customers love brass for its similar appearance to gold.

Find The Perfect Brass Ear Weights and Brass Ear Hangers

All brass ear weights we stock here at Custom Plugs are made from the highest quality brass, shaped with unique stone, shell or glass to help you match your style. We’ve worked hard to find a diverse selection of brass ear jewelry for stretched ears.

Brass ear weights and hangers are a great accessory to show off your stretched ear lobes. Unlike ear plugs or tunnels, ear weights are used as hanging earrings once the ear lobe has been stretched and is the next stage to achieve your desired look. From light to heavy brass ear weights, we have it all!

Brass ear weights can take some time getting used to as each ear is different. Take time to find the weight and size of brass ear hangers that you feel comfortable with.

What Styles do Brass Ear Weights Come In?

At Custom Plugs we offer a range of style ear weights that feature brass materials. We currently have hooked, or brass saddle ear weights. These can feature delicate and shiny shells, obsidian glass, abalone, and even beautifully crafted gold and brass together. There are ear weights to match every style!

What Size Brass Ear Weights Are Available at Custom Plugs?

Brass ear weights come in a variety of sizes and weights. Each product page will state the recommended size for your stretched ear as well as the weight of ear hangers in grams. 

For example;

Our Abalone Shell Brass Saddle Ear Weights require a minimum stretched ear size 12mm in order to wear and are 14 grams per weight, compared to our Alpha Brass Ear Weights which also have a minimum size of 12mm stretched lobes, but are 17 grams per weight.

All of our ear weights depend on how healed your ears are. Some brass ear weights come in smaller sizes such as 4g ear weights, but you will find that most are stated as ear weights 2g and above.

How do I clean brass ear weights and brass ear hangers?

Cleaning brass ear weights is simple to do. Due to the nature of brass it may be required to clean these more frequently than other metal ear weights. To clean, simply use a soft microfibre cloth and warm water with mild soap, then buff with a soft clean dry cloth once  your brass ear weights have dried.

Is brass safe to use for stretched ear lobes?

Yes brass ear weights are safe to wear and are hypoallergenic. Like all metal jewelry, frequent cleaning will ensure the longevity of the weights. Please note, if you have very sensitive skin or are allergic to some metals it may be better to choose silicone or stone materials for your stretched lobes.

Do brass ear weights come in pairs?

Yes, currently all our brass ear weights and hangers come in pairs.