0g Plugs, 0g Gauges and 0g Tunnels

0g Plugs, 0g Gauges and 0g Tunnels

Modern-day ear stretching is a form of self-expression and one of the most popular size are 0g plugs, 0g gauges and 0g tunnels.

This dime-sized stretch is often referred to as the “point of no return,” or the last stretch you can maintain without permanent damage to the ears. Though this may be true for some, everyone’s body is different and everyone’s lobes stretch at their own pace and with their own limitations. There is not a definite “point of no return,” even at 0g plug size.

Either way, it is important to take care of your ears when stretching and changing your plugs by using quality 0g ear stretching equipment such as the ones sold in our shop. Always make sure to stretch your ears slowly and keep your ears clean.

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Welcome to the one-stop shop for all your 0g gauges and ear stretching equipment!

We stock the widest range of 0g plugs, 0g tunnels, 0g gauges, and 0g earplugs on the planet. We sell both single and double flare plugs, and all our 0g earplugs are 100% safe for use in your ears. We also sell our plugs in a variety of materials such as 0g wood plugs, glass, and 0g silicon tunnels. All these materials are of high quality and medical grade to ensure the health of your ears.

What size are 0g plugs in mm and inches?

Our sizing may be different than what you’re used to – many different shops and body jewelry salespeople use different terms for the sizes of their plugs.

The size we refer to as 0g plugs/gauges/tunnels measures 8 mm or 5/16 inches, and another popular size, 00g, is 10 mm or 3/8 inches.

People sometimes refer to 0g and 00g as the same size, but 00g is the larger of the two. If you are looking for 00g sized plugs, tunnels, or gauges, you can browse them here in our online shop. Whether you are looking to stretch up to 0g or 00g, check out our ear stretching equipment today.

What materials, shapes, and colors do 0g plugs and gauges come in?

Looking for a particular style? We understand how difficult it can be to find plugs and tunnels that are safe to use and that fit your look. That’s why we offer a wide range of styles and materials for you to choose from.

We sell 0g wood plugs and tunnels, 0g silicone tunnels, 0g stone plugs, and 0g glass plugs. We are also well-stocked with a variety of other materials such as metal, diamond, and precious stones.

As for shape, we offer a variety of 0g plug shapes to choose from, including teardrop plugs, spiral tapers, dangle plugs, flat flared, double flared, tophat and curved. All of these shapes and materials come in a wide range of colours as well!

Some of our popular colours include gold, natural wood, and precious stones such as labradorite, diamond, and opal. All of these styles are available for sale in size 0g today.

Have a question about 0g plugs and gauges?

Do you have a question about our 0g plug products for ears? Contact us today with any and all questions, and we will get back to you!

What Size Is 0g In Earplugs?

0g gauges convert to 8.251 millimetres or 5/16ths of an inch. The conversion is the same for 0g gauges, plugs and tunnels too.

What Comes After 00 In Plug Sizes?

After 00 gauge, you run out of gauge sizes. Note that there are people with gauge sizes that are essentially off the charts. However, if you would like to measure the gauge sizes after the double zero level, you use fractions of an inch. After 00g, you will go to 7/16ths of an inch.

How Long Does It Take For 0g To Close?

Doing it manually, which is recommended before you consider surgery, will take at least two months. You’ll need to shrink down to a smaller sizes by gradually using smaller plugs. However it might not completely close. If you stretched the hole size too far, you might need surgery to get it back to a normal position and size.

Is 0g A Normal Size?

It depends on what you mean by normal. It is larger than the normal piercing of 18g/16g. Your ear won't look drastically different and it’s the last step before you reach a double zero gauge. While not too large, the 0g size is manageable as long as you stretch safely and slowly.

How Can I Make Increasing Gauges to 0g Less Painful?

Oil is your friend; patience is your other friend, and they are joined by advice from experts all over saying that you should only move up one gauge size each time. If you adhere to these pieces of advice, it should be easy to stretch up and, even better, easy to shrink down, should you want to do that later.