What is 14g in mm? 14g gauge/plug sizes explained

People new to modern body modifications are often confused by the “G” sizes plugs and gauges come in. This is because in the gauge system, a larger number means smaller plug (or hole) size. So, what is 14g in mm?

How large is 14g in mm?

14g diameter is 1.6 mm, which is just slightly larger than the starting 18 gauge plug that is the traditional size when you have your ears pierced.

If you want to find out the conversion for sizes other than 14g in mm, check out our handy ear stretching sizes chart.

Want to go higher than 14g size?

Stretching to bigger sizes should be done gradually, particularly if starting from a small gauge size like 14g. Give your skin time to heal to avoid blowouts, and use safe and high-quality ear stretching kits and tapers like the ones in our store here.

Looking to buy 14g plugs?

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