What is 0g in mm? 0g gauge sizes in mm explained

If you’re interested in body modifications, you need to get to grips with the strange sizing terms!

At Custom Plugs we offer a range of ‘G’ sizes, also known as ‘gauges’ but sometimes jewellery will come in mm sizes. While it may be confusing at first, it’s easy to pick up how it all works.

We’ll be explaining 0g gauges in mm in this post:

How big are 0g gauges in mm?

What most people find confusing with “G” sizes is that the bigger the gauge number, the smaller the hole size. For example, your first ear piercing usually uses an 18g size, which is just 1.0 mm in diameter.

So, with that in mind 0g in mm is actually quite a large hole size and measures at 8mm in diameter. If you’re interested in other size conversions and not just 0g mm size, check out our handy ear stretching sizing chart.

When can I wear 0g gauges?

Once you start with ear stretching, you can gradually work your way up to 8mm plugs, which is the 0g mm size.

Always make sure you take breaks in between stretches to allow your skin to heal before moving up to a larger size. If you are looking to get to 0g of 8 mm size, check out our ear stretching kits or stretching tapers to do it safely and avoid a blowout

Looking to buy 0g plugs?

If you’re already up to a 0g ear plug size and want some awesome and unique new jewellery, take a look at our collection of high-quality 0g plugs and gauges. We are one of the leading sellers of plugs, tunnels, and more, and our products come in a wide variety of materials, designs, and sizes so you will surely find something to match your unique sty