Engraved Glass Plugs
Engraved Glass Plugs

Engraved Glass Plugs

Our laser engraved glass plugs come in circular and teardrop shapes, both available up to 50mm. We collaborate with artists and graphic designers across the world to bring you a range of beautiful designs. From simple silhouettes to complex tattoos and geometric patterns. Once chosen plugs will be lovingly laser etched and shipped out.

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  1. Glass Wolf Plug
    Glass Wolf Plug
  2. Glass Japanese Hemp Plug
    Glass Japanese Hemp Plug
  3. Glass Skate Or Die Plug
    Glass Skate Or Die Plug
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  4. Glass Skull Key Plug
    Glass Skull Key Plug
  5. Glass Knuckleduster Plug
    Glass Knuckleduster Plug
  6. Glass Candle Plug
    Glass Candle Plug
  7. Glass Mermaid Teardrop Plug
    Glass Mermaid Teardrop Plug
  8. Glass Stairs Plug
    Glass Stairs Plug
  9. Glass Spiral Crop Circle Plug
    Glass Spiral Crop Circle Plug
  10. Glass Mermaid Scales Plug
    Glass Mermaid Scales Plug
  11. Glass Cross Plug
    Glass Cross Plug
  12. Glass Mandala Teardrop Plug
    Glass Mandala Teardrop Plug
  13. Glass Night Walker Plug
    Glass Night Walker Plug
  14. Glass Vortex Plug
    Glass Vortex Plug
  15. Glass Owl Plug
    Glass Owl Plug
  16. Glass Cult Cat Plug
    Glass Cult Cat Plug
  17. Glass Watcher Teardrop Plug
    Glass Watcher Teardrop Plug
  18. Unalome Glass Plug
    Unalome Glass Plug
  19. Glass Palm Reader Plug
    Glass Palm Reader Plug