UKCP Interview: Dace Trusis
UKCP Interview: Dace Trusis
UKCP model Dace from Latvia has been modelling our plugs for over a year now, and over the past couple of weeks we have taken to social media to gather the best questions from our wonderful customers for her and her 80mm lobes!

We covered every basis from stretching queries to can she fit her plug in her mouth, and there was even a marriage proposal thrown in there…Did she say yes? How did she get to 80mm? 
What inspired her to begin stretching?
Find out all the answers below!

Q: How long did it take you to stretch them that big? – Annmarie Wright

A: I started to stretch my ears when I was about 14 years old and at the moment I am 20. So it has been 6 years but for the last 2 or 3 years I haven’t stretched, they have just gone bigger because of the weight of my plugs and that’s from 70mm to 80/82mm. But together you could say it’s been 6 years!

Q: Is there still plenty of stretchiness left in the ears to go further? – Phil Wall

A: Yes, if I would want to I could, and would, stretch them further! My ears are super soft and ready to get bigger at any time, but at the moment I think that this is my size and I would like to stay like this until I decide something different.

Q: Do your lobes ever just hurt from the weight of the plugs sometimes? I want to stretch up pretty large but that’s one of my concerns. – Katie Moore

A: No, my lobes don’t hurt at all! Maybe you are imagining that it wouldn’t be that comfortable to have plugs that big in your ears, but with time you just get used to it and don’t even notice you have them in your ears. For example I’ve gone to work a couple of times without my plugs because I got so used to them I didn’t realise I’d left them at home and they weren’t in my ears!

Q: How do you keep your lobes so thick to withstand the size and weight? – Gemma Beel

A: I don’t actually know. I’ve had my ups and downs but I always did was take a basic hand cream and massaged my ears, whenever they got dry or anything. Now I have my Jojoba Juice from UK Custom Plugs so I don’t have to worry about hand creams because I never knew this kind of oil and I thought that it would cost me a fortune, but it’s very good and it’s worth the money!

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Q: Do you think you will ever regret going that big? ­– Nina Love

A: Everyone is asking this question and always will, I think everyone just wants to hear that negative answer and just agree with other people that “that’s a bad decision to make because everyone regrets it sooner or later”.

I don’t think so and I don’t agree with that, I think I won’t regret anything, I love everything about my ears. I’ve had a time when I questioned myself because my Mom told me that I have ruined my ears and I need to get normal ears like everyone else has etc. but then again I just knew what I wanted. I know what everyone else wants, but this time I just felt that I want it, and if I want something I try to do whatever I can to achieve that. I have been thinking about this so much that I definitely can say I won't regret this, I have had a time to think it through for about 6 years and it's still the same for me!

I have been taking pictures through the years at some points just to see how I look without my plugs, without my earlobes that big. Maybe there wouldn't be that much of a difference for some people but I definitely can say that I like myself much more and feel much more comfortable with my earlobes like this! For me that's the most important thing when it comes to my ears!

Q: What inspired you to stretch in the first place, and that large? – Victoria Demon Marie

Once I had a poster of Papa Roach lead singer Jacoby Shaddix I got from some teen magazine and he had this star tattooed on his earlobe. I didn't even have pierced earlobes then but I loved it, it seemed like the coolest thing to me and I wanted it! But I got my ears pierced about that time and I thought that I wouldn't be able to have that, but I was happy with my pierced ears! Then in one of the Linkin Park videos I saw that the lead singer had something in his ears AND  I could see through them! I felt like I NEED THAT! And then it all started, but I have never wanted to go that big , all I wanted was just small holes to fit a pencil through! 

Q: When stretching your ears were you ever worried about them bursting? - @jamestherev

A: No, this was never my concern. Even if I had a scratch or anything on my lobe I managed to heal them properly so no infection got in or anything. As I say I love everything about my ears so I treat them nicely and care about them very much!

Q: What are your best or favourite methods of stretching your ears and how do you keep them from downsizing? - @janna_marie_thurman

A: I just massage them with oils and creams and keep them healthy. I wouldn’t say that I have a favourite method of stretching my ears but I liked the process of taping my tunnels and waiting for a time to tape them again, that was kind of exciting for me.

Q: Everyone with stretched lobes says at least one size transition was super painful – on your journey to 80mm which transition hurt the most? – Vikki Longdon

A: This is the first time I’ve heard this! Stretching ears wouldn’t have to be “super painful”, I can’t remember if there was a transition like that… I’ve had moments that were painful, when my ears were super dry and I had to massage them every day so that the dry skin doesn’t peel off and the lobe start to bleed but that wasn’t that bad. After a few days my ears were as healthy as ever!

Q: What is your favourite material to wear? I would think that it would make an impact on what you choose to wear at larger sizes, how do you choose? – Floppy McFlappy

I think my favourite will always be organic glass and wood, because they are just simple and are very easy to clean, plus there are so many different kinds of wood to choose from! But I've never tried to wear stone plugs or tunnels so I don't know about them.

Q: Can you fit your plug in your mouth? That is the question… - Emily Lauren Wright

A: Well, that depends. I have smaller ones and bigger ones and I can fit those smaller ones! But no I can’t fit an 80mm or 82mm plug in my mouth, I would have to have a big mouth!

Q: My question is, will you marry me? - @thecatcorpse

A: I don’t think such a serious question should be asked on the internet to a girl/woman you don’t even know! My answer is: No. And I will definitely be posting more pictures with my other half that I have been together with for more than 2 years, so you can notice that I have him in my life!

Q: What was your inspiration for yourself? ­- @leviathantm

I never really had any kind of inspiration from anyone, I guess I just wanted this so much that I was inspiring myself more and more!

Q: What is your opinion about ear cuttings? Do you have experience or would you recommend it? Why/why not? - @seasonofbones

A: I don’t know anything about this, I haven’t had any experience with something like this but if you get all the information needed and a great piercer (or surgeon) who does that, and that is what you want, then it’s already your decision and not my thoughts about it! YOU have to know if YOU want it!

Q: What’s your favourite plug? Also, let’s mix it up! What’s your favourite food? ­ - @bitches.brew

A: Cang Mixed Inlay ones are definitely my favourite! And I don’t know what my favourite food is but I like to eat sweets, berries, fruits, mostly anything sweet. I’m not very picky but I don’t eat garlic, onions or anything like that.

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Q: Dace, do you get comments from strangers? If so, how do people usually react and say when they see your lobes? ­– @tovesdreams

A: In here, Latvia, people are not used to this kind of self-expression, they are always like “OMG, HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF???!!!” or the younger generator are always trying to say something funny and try to sound cool in front of their friends by saying offensive words or just being rude. But some people are very nice and want to know all about my ears, and they are very interested how I could even get them that big from a little lobe like they have. Sometimes it’s really fun to see people’s reactions, but sometimes, like for example on buses, some people are just very rude and just stare the whole time. That’s just annoying.

Q: How do you cope with being inundated with people who believe that their negative views of your choices are more important/relevant than your own, clearly positive views? You must have some serious confidence to go to 80mm and my tiny 16mm lobes and I seriously admire you for it! You look gorgeous!­ - @missarranrigney

A: I don’t actually care what people say negative about me and my mods, I try to stay positive and keep my mind clear from all the hate. All those choices I’ve made have been because I’ve wanted that, not because anyone said so. I have a job, I have a loving family who don’t judge me for anything and a loving man who’s always by my side loving me for who I am, and I don’t really need anything more. If I ever get worried or confused about any of my decisions, I know that I can count on them and I won’t be judged.

Q: How do you feel the modified ‘culture’ will grow in years to come? Do you believe there will be more acceptance, more people partaking in the lifestyle? Why or why not? ­­- @thomasdunn_

A: Yes of course! As you can see nowadays there are much more young people who run a business themselves and hire much more people like themselves or even just don’t care about the looks and hire them because of themselves and their education of course.

I think in the future there still will be people who don’t like modified people and people who will just stand against everything that is not standard, but we have to understand those people – if not us then who? Everyone wants to be accepted, even them, and if we will tell them that they are too boring or anything, what can we say about ourselves? We will be doing the exact same as them.

I know that my Grandma doesn’t accept anything like this but I also understand that she was raised like that and mostly those people just can’t adapt and we just have to ignore that. I think that with time anything is possible but I sure hope that there will be people with different points of view because there can be no good without something bad – that’s what I think!

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