UK Custom Plugs X Dace Trusis - Artist Series
UK Custom Plugs X Dace Trusis - Artist Series

Here at UK Custom Plugs we're always striving to create unique products for our customers to enjoy and we pride ourselves on the high quality of the artwork and detail in all our products.
In the past we've worked closely with a select group of tattoo artists to create some of our most iconic plugs.

Here is the third artist to feature in our brand new UKCP Artist Series.
We are opening the doors to work with lots of people we've never worked with before, n
ot only to shed light on these individuals but to continue to provide the best quality artwork possible that has meaning.

We wanted to collaborate with Dace Trusis on a range of plugs for a while now.
We met Dace online when she ordered plugs from us and posted and tagged them on her Instagram.
Check out Dace's full range of plugs and the rest of our artists series by > CLICKING HERE <

Can you introduce yourself for us?
My name is Dace, I am from Latvia, Riga. "Trusis" is just a nickname in Latvian that means "bunny".
I just turned 21 years old. Mostly people on social networks know me for my stretched earlobes.
I may be wrong.

Where can people find you/your work online?
You can find me on my facebook page -
And there is my instagram - @dacetrusis
My public email for messages of any kind any of you can send here -

Describe a day in the life of Dace?
I will give you one of my favourite free days which is when my love has a free day as well!
I wake up and go make some breakfast for myself and my babe. We watch a movie, chill a little, decide what we are going to do.
I get ready, we leave the house and go mostly to the center, but we never know, we can change our minds and go to a different direction any moment, we love to hang out, but sometimes we stay home and just watch movies.
I love to stay home and just do whatever, but my man is more of an outgoing person. There are so many things that we actually do, we go everywhere, we just randomly explore our ways and have fun.
Sometimes we go somewhere to eat and just while we eat we watch some TV series, rest a little and then just go maybe through some shops.
Then again we return home. I love having these adventurous days with my love.

What first got you interested in body modification?
I was about 11 or 12 years old when I had my ears pierced, I didn't think that I will start stretching my ears or do anything more to myself.
I actually was very careful with everything, my cousin said that if I get water in my ears while they are still fresh I will get them infected.
I was so scared I didn't go swimming when everyone else was, I didn't even touch my ears because I was scared that I don't get them infected.
When I changed my first earrings, I was extra careful to not scratch my ears with the pointy end.
Later I just started to pierce my ears myself, my mom was shocked and said that I need to get the other earrings out, because that was already too much.
So that is how my journey started!

What size are your ears now & what is your goal size?
My earlobes are currently 82mm maybe even more, because they are very stretchy and healthy.
I could stretch at any moment, but at this point I am very happy how they fit my face and how I look with my earlobes this big.
I somehow never had a goal size, so maybe that's the reason why I am where I am and my ears are as big as they are!

You've just collaborated on a range of plugs with us, tell us about the designs in your range?
I chose brass knuckles because I thought that they'd look cool! And they really do, I love how they came out!!
The chain going round the plug just seemed a good idea, because when I like to wear my chain jewellery that would be a good matching accessory.
The melting candle was actually my loves idea and I love how it looks and I think I will wear those a lot!

What is your favourite and least favourite word ?
I don't really know if this is a thing because I am speaking in a different language but I can't imagine to have a favourite word.
I do like some words in English, I love how they look, how they are pronounced but I can't actually say that I have a favourite word.
For least favourite I can say that I just hate when people curse.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
A good laugh, stories, I love to listen.
And of course music, definitely music!

What turns you off?
Bad smell, creepy stuff, cursing, acting weird, being intrusive.

What sound or noise do you love?
Rain sounds, water sounds, animals and all of their beautiful voices.

What sound or noise do you hate?
All the creepy kinds of noises, from the leaves behind back in the autumn to doors creaking, not my thing. Hahaha

If you were to live by a motto, what would it be?
I recently found a good quote:
"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak;
Courage is also what it takes to sit and listen." Winston Churchill

We really enjoyed working with Dace and would love to collaborate again in the future.
Head over to the store and grab yourself some of Dace's plugs and show her some love on Instagram.

Check out Dace's full range of plugs and the rest of our artists series by > CLICKING HERE <