Top 10 Best-Sellers! Have your favourites made it...?
Top 10 Best-Sellers! Have your favourites made it...?

Top 10 Best-Selling UKCP Products

1. Generator - Custom Plugs

The clue is in the name: UK Custom Plugs.

From Day 1 customers were enquiring about customising plugs with their own designs and we got to work immediately to make this dream a reality.In late 2013, our Generator launched and it was an instant success! Customers can upload their own pictures or designs so we can make you your very own custom plugs, badges, pocket mirrors or even phone cases.

The Black Screwback is the most popular design and sizes start from 10mm.

We also offer double-flared in a range of colours as well as Steel Screwback and custom engraved Wood Plugs.

Check out the generator at:

You think it, we make it!


2. Opalite (Moonstone) Double Flared Plug

Our most popular of the Stone collection Opalite Moonstone has proved to be a favourite amongst UKCP fans. High quality polished and smoothed, this double-flared organic stone plug is available from 3mm right up to 50mm! It’s affordable and loads of you have been adding them as an extra set to your orders. Check them out:

Opalite Moonstone Plug


3. Rose Plug

Our Rose Plug has remained a bestseller since it launched with us as part of our Original Collection on Day 1 of UK Custom Plugs! Our most popular acrylic design is a proven hit amongst our male and female fans and is showing no signs of going out of fashion any time soon... Available right up to 50mm, check it out for yourselves:

Rose - Plug


4. Abalone Shell Teardrops

The best-selling of our Wood range, our Abalone Shell Teardrops are hand made organic wood teardrops with an abalone shell inlay and they are available all the way up to 50mm. Did you know Abalone comes from the shells of marine snails? No two are identical as they are all individually unique! Grab them now:

Abalone Teardrops


5. Death Tarot iPhone Case

A New Year means New Products and the start of 2014 saw the first appearance of our original Death Tarot design. The design is laser etched onto a high quality wooden phone case which features a soft rubber inlay to protect the phone. Being the most popular of our phone case designs it wasn’t long before the design was in demand and clothing emblazoned with the Death Tarot design soon followed - the T-Shirts, Hoodies and Sweaters all remain favourites in our clothing range. The case is available for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C/6/6Plus models and is still just as popular today. Grab it now and protect your phone in style: 

Death Tarot - iPhone Case


6. Black and White Mandala Plug

This Monochrome Mandala design has proved a particular favourite of our Black and White Collection. Set on a black double-flared base, this subtle design is a popular favourite amongst both our male and female fans. Available up to 30mm, have a look for yourself:

Black and White Mandala Plug

7. Free Your Soul Purse

UKCP customers love the reliability of our products and our purses are no exception. Made from high quality leather, this sleek black purse features the UKCP Mandala design embossed across the spine as well as the slogan "Free Your Soul". The purses makes a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. But sometimes you just have to look after number one so treat yourself today! There's no doubt that this purse is a stylish yet understated way to stash the cash:

Free Your Soul Purse

For our male fans we have also have our leather wallets available too:

Sink or Swim Wallet

8. Hand Made Saba Wood Plugs

Hand made from organic wood these plugs are delicately carved to the highest quality before being oiled and polished to perfection. Available blank or engraved with designs we have a wide selection available and something for everyone. You can even have them custom laser etched with your own designs using our Generator. They are also our only plugs available up to a whopping 100mm! Have a browse of the collection here:

Engraved Woods


9. Ultimate Sticker Bomb

Our product designs have been available as stickers since the early days of UKCP. Designs may have come and gone but the Ultimate Sticker Bomb is still every sticker-lovers favourite. For just £18 you get a whopping 65 stickers! When it comes to the Ultimate Sticker Bomb our customers leave little untouched, sticker bombing everything from their desk to their car! Reckon you could do something we haven’t seen before? Grab your Ultimate Sticker Bomb now and get creative!

Share your Sticker Bomb with us using #ukcustomplugs

10. Jojoba Juice

When it comes to stretching we know how important it is to look after those lobes. For just £2.99 you can grab a bottle of UK Custom Plugs Jojoba Juice Oil – 100% organic Jojoba Oil! Rich in Vitamin E it’s not only great for your wood plugs but equally healthy for your skin. It works great at softening the skin, reducing scar tissue, thickening lobes and moisturising. Our customers love it and no order is complete without it so grab a bottle now!

Has your favourite made the list? What have we missed? Let us know by commenting below!